German fitted kitchens in London

Fitted German kitchen in London

Browsing the market for a German fitted kitchens in London? Take a few minutes of your time to read this article and you will find ideas and inspiration for your new kitchen. We prepared our RECENT PROJECTS portfolio today. We have many German-fitted kitchen types, styles and designs that we supplied and installed across London. That is why this post can be helpful for you.


The definition of a fitted kitchen is a kitchen with units that are attached to the wall. Fitted German kitchens make the best use of the available space. It is a bespoke product based on the latest engineering achievements. That is why our German fitted  kitchens HACKER and NOBILIA are the best choices for your new project. 

German fitted kitchens allow great flexibility in the design process. You can choose the style, colour of your kitchen, cabinet’s height, width and different storage options. Here are a few examples of German fitted kitchens in London.

German fitted kitchen in cuffley en6

Recent projects German kitchen in Cuffley EN6
Recent projects German kitchen in Cuffley EN6

This is our HACKER-fitted kitchen in CUFFLEY EN6. It is a Systemat range in modern style, handleless with stainless steel channel handles in a combination of dark and light grey. The grey colour is very neutral and can be combined with any bright decorative elements in the interior.

The door range in this project is Comet, which has a very pleasant unusual surface resembling suede. HACKER  Comet door is also very practical as fingerprints are not very visible on its surface. That is why this door range has been one of our best sellers in the last couple of years. 

The cabinets in this German kitchen in Cuffley are with internal shelves and drawers. This Hacker Concept 130 provides a lot of storage space. It has drawers in different sizes including 1m long and shelves. Tall cabinets have accommodated a fridge, freezer and internal storage.

The worktops in this project present two types of stone. On the island is a granite range SENSA, the wild beauty of nature. But on the rest of the kitchen, the worktop and a splashback are white quartz to break up the dominant grey colour.

German Kitchen Cuffley EN6— Luxury Kitchens & Professional Kitchen Fitting Services

German fitted kitchen in barnet EN5

German kitchen Hacker in London from Hampdens KB
Play Video about German kitchen Hacker in London from Hampdens KB

Another brilliant example of a fitted German kitchen in London is our HACKER Concept 130 project in BARNET EN5.  As you can see, the kitchen space is filled with air and light. This effect is achieved due to the skylight on the ceiling and the white kitchen colour with its glossy surface. This Hacker door range is Perfect Brilliant gloss polar white. A kitchen in white is a winning design option, as the white colour visually enlarges the kitchen area and is timeless. 

Typically, a fitted kitchen design removes the free-standing equipment you would find in a traditional kitchen and replaces it with integrated appliances. This HACKER Concept 130 kitchen accommodates NEFF Fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, oven, microwave and warming drawer. In this project, the cooker hood is combined with the extractor thanks to the BORA. Bora cooktop extractors are smart, highly effective and very popular on the market in London.

This German handleless modern kitchen accommodates lots of storage. For example, two dustbins 32 litres each, a pull-out larder tall unit, shelves and drawers. For more details, visit our web page Internal Storage and you will find more practical storage solutions. This German-fitted kitchen in London has a lot of work surfaces on the island and in the main kitchen. The countertop is made of the most durable Dekton material and the splashback is in the rose gold glass.

German kitchen BARNET EN5 — Stunning Kitchen Designs & Branded Kitchen Appliances 

German fitted kitchen in swiss cottage NW3

NW3 Swiss Cottage Recent project Hacker from Hampdens KB
NW3 Swiss Cottage Recent project Hacker from Hampdens KB

We have other German-fitted kitchens in our portfolio. Our many customers in Swiss Cottage NW3 also love our modern kitchen styles and designs. Here is one of the RECENT PROJECTS in this area of London. The most striking design technique in this Hacker kitchen is the countertop made of Dekton stone range Khalo in gloss. The creamy palette of the kitchen is combined with the natural colouring of the stone countertop and a splashback. This combination is a successful design technique, which makes a German kitchen in a Swiss Cottage NW3 stunning. 

There are two parts to getting a fitted kitchen: the design and the installation. Hampdens German Kitchens and Bedrooms offers both of these services. Our experienced, professional fitters can install any kitchen and provide excellent aftercare service. If you want the best kitchen in Swiss Cottage NW3, then give us a call now. Your satisfaction is our primary guarantee, and your convenience is what our fitters work for.

German Fitted kitchens in SWISS COTTAGE NW3- Quality & Outstanding service

German fitted kitchen in bounds green n22

German kitchen Nobilia in London from Hampdens KB
German kitchen Nobilia in London from Hampdens KB

Here is another project completed by Hampdens KB in Bound green N22 London. We have fully refurbished the kitchen area and replaced the existing kitchen layout with the German NOBILIA cabinets in a fresh style and colour scheme. Many of our customers in Bounds Green and around London with small and large families like our Nobilia Fitted German kitchens.

Nobilia kitchen is designed to make the most out of the space with a convenient layout, clever storage and technological innovations. The cabinets are handleless with black channel handles. The project is the perfect example of a fitted kitchen customised to the individual taste and budget. Integrated appliances, a modern look, and glossy door fronts create an elegant place for the whole family.

German kitchen Nobilia in London from Hampdens KB
German kitchen Nobilia in London from Hampdens KB

German kitchens Bounds Green N20 — Stylish Kitchen Designs & professional  installation

When you choose a fitted kitchen, you have control over every single element of the design. With a fitted kitchen, you can create a premium look and feel that is completely customised to your tastes and budget. We regularly update our selections and provide as many options as possible for our customers in London. You’re certain to find the perfect German fitted kitchen for your home in London.