Neff Kitchen appliances

Neff Kitchen Appliances

Hampdens KB is the main dealer for NEFF, BOSCH and SIEMENS build in studio appliances. We will price match all major high street retail store and online shops when purchasing a kitchen from us.


  • Unique  Slide&Hide  Oven with disappearing door-the world’s first slidable oven door. Whatever is cooking in your oven, you can get closer than ever thanks to the unique feature of NEFF oven doors.
  •  3D and 4D CIRCO THERM option allows to cook, roast and bake completely different dishes on all levels and everything will come out tasting like it’s supposed to.
  • Innovative Vario Steam assistant gives dishes just the right amount of moisture by adding steam at three intensity levels, for baking, roasting or just heating up.
  • Comfort Flex option it’s comfortable and flexible access to your cooking. Lift hot dishes safely out of the oven using Telescopic Rails.
  • The Meat Probe function will take the guesswork out of your cooking process. The single point Meat Probe monitors the core temperature of your joint and automatically switches the oven off when it’s ready.
  • NEFF oven collection N90 is Home Connect. You can take your smartphone and start roasting from afar and get notifications when dinner is ready.

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Different models of the NEFF appliances 

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