German kitchens that never date in London

German kitchen in London timeless from Hampdens Kitchens and bedrooms

Renovating the kitchen area is the most cost-effective project in the whole house. That is why is so important that your new German kitchen never dates. But how can you be sure that your choices will stand the test of time? Here are our tips for creating a timeless German kitchen in London.

Choose timeless colours

Black and white is a timeless win-win combination that is appropriate in the kitchen and interior style: from classic to scandi. Most often, cold white is taken as the basis and black acts as a second colour, occupying up to 30% of the space. Here are some black-and-white combinations of the German kitchens Hacker and Nobilia which we designed, supplied and installed in London for our customers. 

N16 Stoke Newington Recent project Hacker German kitchen from Hampdens KB
German kitchen Hacker in London from Hampdens KB timeless
Hacker kitchen Concept 130 recent project
German kitchen that never date in London

White colour will visually enlarge the space and help fill your kitchen with light, while black will make the interior more catchy. Black and white “duet” is suitable for a German kitchen in the style of minimalism, scandi, modern, and art deco. Combining only two colours, it is easy to avoid colouristic mistakes and create a German kitchen that never dates.

Pastel colours are also one of the best solutions for the timeless kitchen. The kitchen in pastel colours creates a cosy atmosphere where all family can spend time together. Examples of pastel colours are beige, ivory, olive, pearl, champagne, caramel, coffee with milk shade, etc. . These colours will appeal to clients who prefer individuality but avoid extravagance. Take a look at the pictures of German Hacker kitchens which we supply in London.

German kitchen Hacker in London from Hampdens KB in pastel colour
Hacker German-made kitchen from Hampdens KB
German kitchen Hacker from Hampdens KB in London in pastel colour

Choose timeless materials

The use of natural materials is another secret to creating a kitchen that never dates. Certain finishes never seem to go out of fashion in the kitchen, such as mid-toned wood, marble, stainless steel and glass. The trend for environmental friendliness will always be relevant. That is why it makes these materials are safe to use in your German kitchen in London.

In our showroom at 19 Hampden Way, N14 5JP in London we have got a wide choice of the timeless kitchen finishes. 

Concept 130, Systemat kitchen door ranges

Stick to clean and simple lines

Trends in kitchen designs come and go, but clean lines and structured simplicity become absolute classics. Thanks to modern style, you can create a unique dream kitchen for many years to come.

Our German manufacturers HACKER and NOBILIA are experts in modern kitchens. They use high-quality materials to approach a minimalist style. Usually, modern German kitchens are handleless, with built-in appliances, and hidden drawers for not to break the smoothness of the lines.

Another feature of modern kitchen design is functionality. Our German kitchens in London have a huge range of storage solutions so there will always be a place for everything in your kitchen. Take a look at our Recent projects of German kitchens in London that never date.

Take a look at this Hacker German kitchen in red. With our HACKER German kitchen supplier, we can paint the kitchen in any NSC colour.

Avoid the trend of the moment

Every decade has its kitchen trend. For instance, in the 80s it was yellow and beige, natural wood and granite in the 90s, coloured gloss cabinets in the 2000s and, now, dark blue or anthracite kitchen cabinets with gold channel handle. 

Kitchen trend from 1980

Handleless kitchen from 1980

Kitchen trend from 2000

German kitchen in gloss trend of 20

Kitchen trend of 2021-2022

Nobilia German-made kitchen

If red has always been your favourite colour since day one, go ahead and have your kitchen in that colour trend of the moment. But if you never considered an extravagant design until you saw it on Instagram, then maybe best to stick to a kitchen that won’t date for a long term.

Take a look at this Hacker German kitchen in red. With our HACKER German kitchen supplier, we can paint the kitchen in any NSC colour.

German kitchen Hacker painted in NSC colour

Anything you are confident matches your personal aesthetic long-term will always be trend-proof to you. Hampdens Kitchens and Bedrooms professional designer team can help you to create a German kitchen that never dates in London. Once you love our kitchen design, you can stop worrying about trends.

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