German kitchens in London.

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German kitchens in London.

For the last 20 years, German kitchens are getting more and more popular in London. Thousands of customers prefer German manufacturers when considering buying a new kitchen. In this article, we will try to explain this trend.

Everyone knows that a car made in Germany is a perfectly tuned system that will not let you down in a difficult moment, will last for many years, leaving competitors far behind, and will never go out of fashion. This description also applied to German kitchens.

German kitchen factories are valued for their approach to the result. Kitchen production is important but the main target is the product which makes our life easier and more comfortable. That’s why in German kitchens, everything is well-thought until the smallest detail: space optimization, storage ergonomics, lighting systems, soft-closing systems and much more.

The largest German kitchen brands are constantly improving their products, updating their existing lines and often overtaking their competitors in terms of innovation. German factories have the best equipment and engineers, using the latest achievements of science and technology.

Nobilia factory
Nobilia kitchen factory

Our German kitchen brands Systemat/Concept 130 and Nobilia have features that make them unique and competitive to many other manufacturers. These are patented mechanisms, materials and methods of their processing:

  • German manufacturers brought to live kitchen minimalist style with handleless kitchen cabinets. Handleless kitchens are becoming extremely popular in the UK and especially in London. If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen space, you may be interested in this style. With Systemat/Concept 130 and Nobilia we can design your kitchen with stainless steel, black, white or copper channel handles.
  • Another feature from our German partners for handleless kitchens is the ‘push to open’ door mechanism. Touch the handleless doors lightly and they will swing open a little, making them easy to open fully.
  • All the units are pre-assembled so they arrive ready to slot into place which reduces the installation time required. Shelf and drawer fittings are all built to withstand substantial loading and used with a typical shelf in Hacker and Nobilia kitchens taking up to 70kg in weight with a similar performance from their pull out drawers (minimum 50kg).
  • Another invention from our German partner Hacker(Systemat/Concept130) is anti-fingerprint feature of the matt PerfectSense surfaces prevent marks even on frequently touched surfaces. it is very important as the matt finish kitchen doors are getting popular in London.
  •    PUResist water protection system from Hacker was invented long ago. In 2021 they changed the bonding system of their formed edges of fronts, carcase parts and surrounding materials and focus on an improved technology, based on physical/chemical settings of the adhesive. As a result, higher thermic resistance and optimal protection against ingress of moisture for the kitchen cabinets.
Puresist Hacker technology
  • German kitchens Hacker(Systemat/Concept130) and Nobilia are standart equipped with newest generation of the hinge technology. The doors close with just a light movement of your hand -smoothly and noiselessly.

This is just a small part of the information about German kitchens in London. If you are looking for a kitchen and would like to find out more visit our showroom at 19 Hampden Way, N14 5JP, Southgate, London. Hampdens German kitchens and bedrooms are ready to help.