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When it comes to your Kitchen, choosing the best extractor fan is essential for a clean and enjoyable cooking environment. A top-notch extractor fan removes smoke and grease, ensuring your kitchen stays fresh and comfortable. In this article, we will try to explain which brands are the best and what factors you consider when choosing a cooker hood.

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Best extractor fan
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what to consider when choosing the extractor fan ?

To maintain a healthy and comfortable kitchen environment, choosing the right extractor fan is crucial. You need to think about Extraction rate, Ducted or Recirculating, Noise Level, Energy Efficiency, Filters, Design and Aesthetics. The first consideration should be the fan’s Extraction rate, measured in cubic meters per hour (m³/h). To effectively remove cooking odours and fumes, choose a fan with a rate that matches your cooker hood size. Also  consider energy-efficient models, as they can save you money in the long run. Look for fans with sensors that adjust the speed based on cooking activities to reduce energy consumption.

Ducted vs. Recirculating

Ducted extractors vent air outside while recirculating fans filter and release it back into the room. Ducted fans are more effective, but recirculating extractors are simpler to install. Ducted fans are more efficient at removing odours and moisture, but they require installation near an external wall. Ducted extractors have removable and dishwasher-safe filters and make cleaning a breeze. Recirculating cooker hoods come with carbon filters which can last for 1 year or more. As you can see it could be difficult to choose because each type of extractor has got its admires. That is why seek advice from the professionals. 

AIRUNO Cooker hood the best
Best eaxtractor fans from AIRUNO

What makes a cooker hood pleasant to use on your kitchen?

A loud extractor fan can be a nuisance. Especially if your kitchen is an open-plan area. Opt for a fan with a low decibel rating for quieter operation, ensuring your kitchen remains an inviting space. We also recommend you look for cooker hoods with safety features such as a timer that can automatically turn off the fan after a set time. Backdraft shutters prevent cold air from entering your kitchen when the fan is off.

design and aesthetics

Designing your kitchen’s extractor system is a crucial aspect of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. The size, layout, and your cooker hood’s specifications all play a vital role. That’s where a professional kitchen designer comes in. For instance, designers from Hampdens KB can assess your kitchen’s unique features and requirements, ensuring the extractor system is appropriately sized and strategically placed for optimal performance. 

is installation important?

Professional installation of your kitchen’s extractor fan is paramount. Builders who incorrectly size the ducting can severely impact the fan’s functionality. Properly designed ductwork ensures efficient removal of cooking odours, steam, and grease. When sized inaccurately, the fan may struggle to extract air effectively, resulting in poor ventilation and potential damage to the appliance. Moreover, Hampdens KB professional installers ensure safety and compliance with local building codes. Don’t leave this crucial task to chance – invest in professional installation.

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Hampdens German Kitchens and Bedrooms in London offers the finest selection of cooker hoods from renowned brands like MIRO, AIRUNOBLAUPUNKT, NEFFBOSCH, and SIEMENS. Our commitment to quality means that your kitchen will be equipped with top extraction solutions, ensuring a clean, odour-free environment. Whether you’re seeking stylish designs, cutting-edge technology, or energy efficiency, our range has something for every discerning homeowner. Call Hampdens KB today to provide you with the best cooker hoods.

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