Kitchen Design Trends 2022

German Hacker kitchens from Hampdens KB

The kitchen is a multifunctional room used for family meetings, meals, cooking, plays the role of a dining room, a living room. Often the kitchen area is combined with a living room. In furnishing and decoration, the main thing is comfort, ergonomics, safety and practicality, but it is equally important to maintain aesthetics and order. Current trends offer a variety of styles, colours, finishes, materials, layouts.

German Hacker kitchens from Hampdens KB
Hacker German made kitchen from Hampdens KB
Traditional German kicthen


Basic fashion trends 2022

Fashionable kitchens in the new year will be based on comfort, functionality and simplicity. The trend is the classic design, but not pretentious, as restrained as possible, correct, symmetrical, in natural light colours.

Designers recommend not to overcrowd the kitchen with an excess of furniture and decoration. The kitchen area is spacious, filled with light. If the room is cramped and dark, it is important to hide these limitations. To do this, use lighting, colours, mirrors and glossy surfaces, compact bespoke furniture according to individual parameters.

Environmental friendliness has not lost its relevance and dominates everything – colours, materials, finishes.

Open plan kitchen

Hacker German kitchen from Hampdens KB

The combination of kitchen and living room is an old trend that does not surprise anyone. The trend is based on the idea of ​​creating a holistic design for cooking, eating, and relaxing. It is the kitchen-dining-living room that becomes the centre of activity in the house.

A few tricks of clever space organisation:

  • The design should be holistic, thanks to colour, textures, furniture, zoning is done with the help of lighting, light partitions, contrasts.
  • Very important to have a powerful extractor, so that smells from the kitchen does not enter the living area.
  • The transition between the living room and the kitchen can be marked by a bar, island or dining group.
  • Natural colours – the natural palette dominates

The trend for natural, calm tones is still in place. 

Let’s discover the colours palette in 2022.

Hacker German-made kitchen from Hampdens KB
German kitchen Hacker in London from Hampdens KB in pastel colour
  • In this year, an olive as a shade of green will become relevant.
  • The colour of Sand Dune is ‘warm’, neutral and is easy to pair with white, beige and more. In addition to monochrome, a combination of sandy tones with natural wood texture is popular.
  •   Cold blue, soft, muted, calm: the colour of cold waters, pale blue, indigo. These paints look spectacular on the island and on the tall kitchen units.
  •  Brown with a texture of concrete, stone, wood.

A group of natural colours is relevant: terracotta, rust, brick, ocher.

German Hacker kitchens from Hampdens KB

The current trend – kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

The main idea is the most practical and functional use of the premises. The wall kitchen cabinets are in two levels on top of each other. The upper level is usually for storage which is rarely used. 

We used this design solution in a few of our recent projects. With our German kitchen brands HACKER and NOBILIA any ideas can be turned into a real project. 

Hacker German-made kitchen from Hampdens KB

Combination of contrasts

The most striking new trend is the combination of two-tone kitchen cabinets. Especially if these colours are contrasting – one is neutral, one is bright. 

Combination options:

  • Dark colour wall kitchen cabinets and lighter, neutral base cabinets.
  • The kitchen is one colour, the worktop is another.   
  • One colour dominates the second complements.
  • The breakdown into colours – horizontally and vertically.
  • Moreover, the combination of textured and monochrome surfaces. For example, the kitchen island is in concrete grey, but the kitchen units are in a plain neutral colour. 


Kitchen without wall cabinets

For this trend is few solutions in the kitchen. You can use tall kitchen cabinets which gives you extra storage space. Or open shelves as decor elements on the wall. The Advantages of this solution are that the kitchen area looks more spacious, with more air in the room. Also, the cost of the kitchen without wall cabinets is much lower.

These latest design trends are just guidelines for the customers. If you are considering buying a new German kitchen or planning to renovate an existing one follow your own taste and preferences. Use the professionals for help to create your dream kitchen. Hampdens German kitchens and bedrooms are the right company for you.