Why are German kitchens so popular?

Hacker German kitchen from Hampdens KB
Our German suppliers are the leaders of the German kitchen industry, has been improving the quality, functionality, and style of kitchen furniture for more than 80 years.

How and why German kitchens have become so popular on the market?

  1. As practice shows, today clients are trying to analyse the products of several factories from several countries: Italy, Germany, UK, etc. In 80% of cases, the choice is made in favour of the German manufacturer. First, this is due to quality and reliability, since kitchen furniture is subjected to the most severe operating conditions in the house: water, high temperatures, mechanical stress, etc.
  2. German kitchens have the highest durability indicators: the warranty period for various elements can reach 15 years.
  3. Another advantage is high functionality. All kinds of storage systems, lighting, organization of space make your daily stay in the kitchen more comfortable.
  4. Separately, I would like to highlight the design. Several decades ago, this was the weak point of German manufacturers. Today it is already in the past, factories are actively working in this direction, attracting eminent foreign architects and designers to the development of collections, considering all fashion trends in interior design.
  5. Luxury German kitchen furniture is a combination of quality, reliability, high functionality, design, and ergonomics. Everything must be done at the highest level, from high-quality expensive materials and components. German manufacturers do not use materials that emit formaldehyde and other substances harmful to human health in their production. In luxury kitchens, the internal content is carefully worked out: everything should be at hand and in places familiar to the owner. Such kitchens are made exclusively from expensive materials for individual projects, considering the habits and preferences of customers.

The best German kitchen Brands

We are direct dealers for German Kitchen Brands  Hacker and Nobilia. Each one of them has its admirers, it all depends on the preferences of the person and his philosophy of life.The kitchen manufacturer Hacker is good because it offers two lines at once: Luxury call Systemat and budget which is called Concept 130. Another advantage of the brand is a wide range of doors: the veneer of natural stone, wood, glass, fashionable metallized varnish, lacquer high gloss, lacquer matt finishes etc. In the Systemat range, Hacker offers a choice of internal carcase colours, unique door colours, LED lighting on internal drawers.Hacker German made kitchen from Hampdens KBIf you dream of purchasing a German kitchen, but the budget is very limited, then pay attention to the products of the Nobilia factory, the world leader in the production of kitchens. The choice depends solely on the preferences of the client, but we can offer German kitchens from any price range and for every taste. Nobilia lately is focused on innovative products, exclusive new features and solutions for multiple rooms. You can find solutions for living, bathroom or hallway areas.  Both German brands have a handleless range as part of the modern kitchen style and new handles collection to improve the traditional range.Nobilia German kitchen from Hampdens KB 

The trends about German Kitchens

Design: The main trend in interior design is still the “open plan” of the kitchen to the living area. Every year German manufacturers offer more and more new solutions to fit kitchen furniture more organically into multifunctional spaces.Equipment, ergonomics, functionality: In terms of interior fittings, German kitchen factories are the undisputed leaders. For each version of the cabinet or drawer, special systems for organizing the internal space have been developed, which will make your daily stay in the kitchen pleasant and comfortable. By the habits of future owners, functional areas are allocated, certain types of cabinets, their contents, as well as built-in lighting systems are selected.Nobilia German kitchen from Hampdens KBTraditions: German kitchens have always been small. Perhaps it is because of this that the manufacturers paid great attention to the equipment and the rational distribution of the interior space. Today, under the influence of fashion trends, German kitchens have significantly increased in size, but functionality and quality have remained at the same highest level.