Hampdens KB supply Bora cooktop extractors in London

Bora cooktop extractors

WHy choose bora

  • Instead of letting cooking vapours and odours rise in the first place, BORA cooktop extractors draw them away where they are created, directly extracting them from the pot, roaster, pan or grill on the cooktop. And they do this not by magic but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. For this BORA simply uses a cross-flow which is greater than the speed at which the cooking vapours rise.
  • Freedom from the constraints of conventional extractor hoods. No edges or corners at head height. No stooped stance. No steam to block your view or cloud up your glasses. No restriction on visibility.
  • Cleaning conventional extractor hoods is laborious and time-consuming. In contrast, BORA products impress with outstanding everyday advantages, even when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. all three movable parts can be easily dismantled without any tools and cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Bora cooktop extractors are a smart and highly effective solution. The best evidence of this 100 % clean rate at head height. This is because the intelligently used flow speed and innovative motor technology guide vapours directly to their destination.
BORA extractors from Hampdens KB