Granite, Marble & Quartz Options.


Cumbria Granite is available in up to 60 colours. Granite adds sheer sophistication to a kitchen whilst being hard-wearing and low maintenance.

No two pieces of granite are exactly alike, so as well as making your kitchen beautifully unique,

It’s difficult to break and stain and scratch resistant, meaning that they can withstand years of normal use and still look brand new, lasting year after year where laminate will blister, split


Every marble bathroom is unique in appearance giving your bathroom a clean, inviting and effortlessly elegant look.

The long-wearing stone; made from dolomite or limestone after extreme pressure and heat are applied; give a superb result that can push up the value of any property with an inviting look. Easily cleaned with low maintenance, it’s sheer effortless luxury.


Quartz Worktops are manufactured using a combination of natural Quartz and manmade ingredients meaning they can come in virtually any colour but also scratch, heat, stain and chip resistant making them an ideal choice of kitchen worktop.

Quartz stands out from other materials, being completely non-porous and does not require sealing before use and regular sealing every year making it a cost-effective option when choosing your worktop material.